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Indie Rock/Alternative Rock Compilation January 2014

Hello Fancies. Hope you’re doing fine. Enjoy People!!! Support Us!!!! ● Subscribe to Fancy Melancholic ●Follow me on tumblr: 🙂 ●My twitta. ●Facebook: ●Soundcloud: Tumblr : Tracklist Rio Rio – The Bashful And The Brave 00:00 Marsicans – Imbroglio 03:58 Hippo Campus – Little Grace 07:36 Model Aeroplanes – Crazy 10:39 As Elephants Are – Crystal 13:14 Sahara – Milk Based 16:40 Cosmonaut – Almost Married 20:54 Nevada Color – New Mexico 23:22 Cavaliers – If I Had 50p for…

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Indie-Rock/Alternative/Pop-Punk Compilation – January 2014 (49-Minute Playlist)

Listen to January’s playlist featuring fourteen of the best new indie-rock songs. Click show more for info… Subscribe to be the first to hear the best new indie-rock music! Here are 14 songs for January that I’m really into. Bands/songs/time links, as always, are below. Subscribe if you like the video! See my indie playlist for January at Bands/songs: 0:00 Into It. Over It. — ‘Ravenswood’ 1:52 The 1975 — ‘Ghosts’ 5:54 Los Campesinos! — ‘Ways To Make It Through…

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Indie/Alternative Compilation – December 2013 (44-Minute Playlist)

This is the first indie/alternative playlist I’ve done (with no pop-punk/rock songs, you can see that at so please let me know what you think. If you like it, I’ll do more! The majority of these 12 songs are new and came out in 2013, but there are a few older gems their too. If you’re feeling generous, you could even subscribe to my channel 🙂 Bands/songs: 0:00 Freelance Whales — ‘Starring’ 3:35 Los Campesinos! — ‘What Death Leaves Behind’…

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