Volca Keys Ambient Pads

Available for download on Bandcamp (album: Two – Volca Keys Ambient Pads. An improvisation. My old Korg AX1000G multi effects is providing reverb, delay, and modulated delay. Check out my channel, and Bandcamp link below for free music. More coming soon. Random photos: source

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How to Play Ambient Guitar #1 – Ambient Guitar Swell Basics (Ambient Swells)

Learn the basics of setting up for and playing ambient guitar swells. Part 1 of a new series: How to Play Ambient Guitar Chords of Orion Amazon Affiliate Link: Equipment/software used: Carvin Holdsworth Fatboy HF2 Guitar Avid Eleven Rack Wampler Ego Compressor J. Rockett Allan Holdsworth Signature Overdrive Morley Little Alligator volume pedal Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Apple Logic Pro X DOWNLOAD the LATEST Chords of Orion Ambient Guitar music here: chords of orion –…

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acid-ambient-(acid04-will i dream)

01.2001 space odyssey-hal9000-bjmix- 00:00 02.mars one project-drifting through darkness- 01:06 03.pete namlook.ritchie hawtin-do bass drums have feelings- 09:29 04.co.ag-3301-bjmix- 18:23 05.modula green-green lava pt1 pt2- 27:14 06.reizoko cj-toha heavy industries.crysknife007-klingon bird of prey engine noise-bjmix- 40:10 07.anahata-contact-bjmix- 47:31 08.pete namlook.lorenzo montana-labyrinth path1-bjmix- 58:36 09.md-5n9-bjmix- 1:06:52 10.brian eno.daniel lanois-sirens-bjmix- 1:13:05 11.phobium-phantom vibrations pt1- 1:20:23 12.phobium-phantom vibrations pt3- 1:34:24 image-2001 space odyssey all alterations-(mixes,photoshop)-bad jonnie samples from the films 2001 space odyssey and 2010 the year we make contact. additional machine/electronic samples-alphie…

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Chasing Dreams – Departures

One day I’ll come to you my dream, I’m getting close. Superb compilation by Future Astronauts. Download: Chasing Dreams Future Astronauts Pic by Paul Bailey Follow AmbientMusicalGenre All music on AmbientMusicalGenre channel used for promotional reasons only. If any artist, producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads (images also included) please get in contact with me and I will delete it. (ambientmusicalgenre@gmail.com) source

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Soothing Night Time Forest Sounds – 2 Hour Ambient Soundscape – For Sleep & Relaxation

Soothing Night Time Forest Sounds – Relax around a camp fire with (friendly) night time forest critters and the occasional gentle rain shower. Ideal for relaxation, sleep, meditation and yoga. Just close your eyes, relax and enjoy! Image: © Pellinni- Fotolia.com Recently Uploaded Soundscapes: 4 Hour – Soothing Sounds Of The Ocean: 8 Hour – Relaxing On A Desert Island: 6 Hour – Lakeside Forest At Dusk: 6 Hour – Tropical Beach At Dusk: 6 Hour – Sleeping Under the…

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dark-drone-ambient-(dark10-the paradox of magick)

01.co.ag-bermuda triangle.bjmix 00:00 02.thy veils-deep space 04:47 03.ars soner and co-oceanic tide.extended 19:37 04.ho ophis-astralpath to thaumiel 31:43 05.michael stearns.michael brook-labyrinth.extended 39:54 06.nebel-abyssus abyssum invocat 47:25 07.sinke dus-that which lies beyond 55:28 08.arktau eos-sunken luminaries 1:01:31 09.asmorod-the enchantress 1:10:06 10.letum-path of loneliness 1:15:21 11.raison d’etre-katharos 1:18:40 12.dronny darko-black arts.bjmix 1:28:33 image-hdw.eweb4.com all alterations,(extensions,mixes)-bad jonnie mix-bad jonnie i do not own any copyrights whatsoever.if i have offended i can only apologize and offer to remove the offence.thank you for your time.…

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