Ambient Guitar Recording: MIXING & MASTERING (Logic Pro X, iZotope)

In this video I share how I mix and master an ambient guitar piece that will be included in the next Chords of Orion album. You do NOT need the same software or plugins that I use (Logic Pro, iZotope). This is all about concepts and strategies. Follow Chords of Orion Music on: Bandcamp: Spotify: Apple iTunes/Music: Chords of Orion Gear Recommendations: Equipment used in this video (in order of the signal chain): PRS SE-277 Baritone Guitar Wampler Ego Compressor…

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Sleep & Relaxation Music with Ambient Rain and Other Nature Sounds: Study, Yoga, Meditation Music

Sleep & Relaxation Music with Ambient Rain and Other Nature Sounds: Meditation, Study, Work Music Order the album: iTunes: Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Stream/Share on Spotify: Stay connected: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Composed and Produced by Nate Cunningham © 2018 Artist: Sleepscapes #Celtic #Music #Relaxation #LiveMusic #Streaming #SleepMusic #Sleep #PTSD #MusicTherapy #Meditation #NativeFlute #Rain #Thunder #AmbientMusic #Rainstorm #Yoga #Zen source

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1 Hour Beautiful Ambient Music | Frozen In Time | Relaxing New Age Music

Subscribe and turn on notifications to be alerted of our daily uploads! Visit our official website for more great musical tracks and playlists: —————————————————————————————————- ☯️ Soul Candle Channel —————————————————————————————————- 🎵 Playlists —————————————————————————————————- This channel is part of the Freedom! network. Click the link below to become part of the Freedom! family: *if there are any copyright/licensing issues with either the music or image presented in this video please contact us* source

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Sundial Aeon – OwlMountains podcast#1 [ambient mixed]

картинка : ———————————————————————————————— Sundial Aeon are: Baldur von Gögnitz (Revisq) Tomasz Gierygowski (Chaser) Radoslaw Kochman (Raiden) Daniel Lulkowski (Dan) Vladislav Isaev (Scann-Tec) About Sundial Aeon: Polish Ambient/Chillout/Electronic Project SUNDIAL AEON (prev.SUNDIAL) was formed since Autumn 2005 in Poland by creative ideas of one Aural Planet’s artists Raiden/Radoslaw Kochman, Daniel Lulkowski/Dan (Hoyden Space) and two other musicians, Jaroslaw Jacek/Giku and Patryk Gegniewicz/Revisq (both from the Electronic Act Itoa). Since autumn 2006 Vladislav Isaev/Scann-Tec joined Sundial as a full time musician and…

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