V/A – Louie’s Limbo Lounge (Las Vegas Grind Vol. 2) (Lounge, Rock & Roll, Novelty) (DEMO)

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Jet Set Lounge Music

Song: Falena Artist: Heinz Kiessling In 1960, the jet passenger service was marketed to the rich. Later with the democratization of international air travel the term jet set was used to define those who have people with time to travel frequently and widely for pleasure. By definition, the jet set route was London to New York City and PanAm and BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) were the first to cover these routes with style and comfort. The first travelers of…

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Cachorrinha – Easy Listening Lounge Music

Song Title: Cachorrina Artist: Kersz Album: Finessa Free Download: This is a rare brazilian groove called Cachorrinha – An original easy listening song for sophisticated exotique bossa nova lounge music lovers. If you like stylish retro 60s music, turn up your stereo and relax but first, please be sure to subscribe now to enjoy the most nostalgic and relaxing soft tempo videos every week and the stylish sound of Brazil in the 60’s and pure bossa nova in Rio de…

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TRACKLIST 01 – Quiet Village 00:11 02 – Return To Paradise 03:46 03 – Hong Kong Blues 06:16 04 – Busy Port 08:39 05 – Lotus Land 11:27 06 – Similau 15:13 07 – Stone God 17:39 08 – Jungle Flower 20:54 09 – China Nights 22:58 10 – Ah Me Furi 25:11 11 – Waipio 27:46 12 – Love Dance 30:59 13- Buddhist bells 33:29 14- Burma Train 37:30 15- M’Gambo Mambo 40:21 16- Bangkok Cockfight 42:24 Martin Denny…

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Yma Sumac – Greatest Hits (FULL ALBUM – BEST OF EXOTICA)

TRACKLIST 01- Ccori Canastitay 00:11 02- Karibe Taki 02:36 03- Kon Tiki 05:45 04- Kuyaway 08:58 05- Lament 11:46 06- Mamallay 15:07 07- Montana 18:09 08- No Es Vida 21:51 09- Suray Surita 24:15 10 – Panarima 27:36 11- Virgin Of The Sun God 31:03 12- Witallia 34:07 13– Chant of the Chosen Maidens 36:30 14– Dance of the Moon Festival 39:04 15– Dance of the Winds 41:27 16 – High Andes 44:17 17– Lure of the Unknown Love 47:06…

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