Easy Listening


Persembahan dari EL Channel buat semua Kawan Easy. Video klip pertama dari kami EASY LISTENING BAND – TAK MUNGKIN TANPAMU (TMT). Terima kasih buat Kiki dan Tya yang sudah bersedia menjadi model di video klip ini. Terima kasih juga buat manager kami sekaligus sutradara video klip ini Septian Hadavi Lubis @davilubis Semoga berkenan ya Kawan Easy semua. Sering-sering berkunjung ya ke Channel kita ini.. Jgn lupa like fanpage kita di dan follow twitter kita di @EasyListen_ID source

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Smooth Jazz & Pure Lounge House Music Mix

New Smooth Jazz & Pure Lounge House Music Mix By DJ Equip Mode. Track List: 1.Paul Hardcastle – Easy Street 2.Peter White – Im Never Gonna Give You Up 3.Richard Elliot – Deep Touch 4.Shea Soul – Where Did You Go 5.ATJazz – Harmony 6.Blue Six – Let’s Do It Together 7.Gregg Karukas – My Favorite Season 8.Groove Cocktail – Deep Touch (House Mix) 9.Ken Navarro – Delicioso 10.Jimpster – State Of Mind 11.Ken Navarro – Island life 12.Kool Klean…

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We Can’t Stop – 1950’s Doo Wop Miley Cyrus Cover ft. Robyn Adele Anderson, The Tee – Tones

Download the song: Sheet Music: Postmodern Jukebox on Tour! Postmodern Jukebox on Facebook: Learn how to play the chords of the song here: After Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, we decided to try our hand at classing up “We Can’t Stop” 50’s style, with help from our friends, NYC doo wop group The Tee-Tones (Like them at ! ) (Note: Scott Bradlee does not twerk in this video.) Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox: The Band: Robyn Adele Anderson – lead vocals Gerard…

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