by Brian J. Audette


We’re fast approaching voter registration deadlines for many states. In this election year, the stakes are high and the chances are even higher of people being turned away at the polls for bogus or Trumped up (capitalized on purpose) reasons and where the specter of foreign election tampering hangs like a sickly smog in the air. These aren’t just issues for now though. Increasingly they’re becoming the norm in our society and so more than ever, voting rights need to be expanded and protected.

To that end, music distribution and streaming service Bandcamp has chosen to ally with Voting Rights Project this Friday, September 28th, and donate 100% of their cut from all sales to that organization. While OVRLD gives you plenty of local music to find on Bandcamp (and elsewhere) on a regular basis, I thought it would be a good idea on this day to highlight several of our more socio-politically leaning bands for you to consider supporting today.

When BLXPLTN burst onto the scene a few years back, they immediately set themselves apart as a singular, unique group with both their sound and sensibilities. BLXPLTN’s music draws variously from classic hardcore punk, old school hip hop, post punk, and industrial to carve out a unique Afropunk niche. Lyrically the band is relentless and unapologetic, often tapping into the cultural id of the oppressed through songs like “Start Fires”, “Stop & Frisk”, and “How Many Shots.” The end result is a powerful and ear-catching catalog that doesn’t quite sound like anything you’ve ever heard before, but in the best possible way.

Mobley’s music is so much more than it seems at first blush. Just beneath the surface of the slick production and pop sensibility seethes a soul seeking purpose. Mobley describes his latest release Fresh Lies Vol. 1 as the beginning of a song cycle exploring “themes of nationhood and identity and alienation.” It may not be apparent on first listen, but the…

This Article was written by Brian Audette

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