ARTIST: Ultra Material

RELEASE: Cosmic Anti Stuff

RELEASE DATE: 29th August 2019

RECORD COMPANY: Black Wire Records

Brisbane-based quartet ‘Ultra Material’ first tweaked our attention back in 2016 when we reviewed their debut album ‘Double Date’ and swooned at their beautifully entrancing soundscapes. Permeating different layers of shoegaze, passages of haunting dream-pop, bouncing post-punk and subtle undercurrents of psychedelia, ‘Ultra Material’ create a modern sound that skirts the outer echelons of quaint experimentation whilst doffing a curt nod to the originators of the shoegaze genre. Their sublime sophomore full length entitled ‘Cosmic Anti Stuff’ was officially released back on August 29th 2018 via ‘Black Wire Records’, instantly catapulting it into one of favourite releases of this year. It’s available to buy/download right now on various formats from

With a twang of repetitive guitar and the luscious pull of reverb the opening bars of ‘Belong’ usher in a steadying air of optimism. It’s not long before we’re catapulted headlong into a wall of charging noise as throbbing bass frequencies meld with aggravated guitars and senses pummelling percussion that’s more akin to a cumulative krautrock/modern psych gem than a shoegaze odyssey. The arrival of subtle swells of synth only add to the giddying onslaught before those haunting vocalisations float into audible range and my night is complete! ‘Belong’ is absolutely stunning, a monstrous track and a magnificent opening salvo. Up next, ‘Rhodamine’ rocks on a steady metronomic beat as swirling layers of guitar and synth hover above the throb of cascading bass. Sublime vocals arrive in a cloud of atmospherics as catchy chord structures rise and fall through twinkling runs of keyboard and that hypnotic ‘Ultra Material’ vibe takes hold. There’s something altogether magical tumbling through this track that keeps your attention…

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