I met Paul Whitacre from the band Whitacre at least a year ago and I have been trying to make a show of his ever since. For whatever reason it has never worked out, but I am looking forward to their headlining show at Lost Lake on October 27th. (Yes, I’ll be there this time, damnit!)

This week, I got on the phone with Paul and drummer Mark Cunningham to talk about how the band came about and where they are headed. Chase (banjo), Robert (guitar) and Joey (bass) couldn’t make it. The answers below are really the three of us chatting rather than a more formal interview, so some of the words are Paul’s and some are Mark’s. I really should have made notes about that (oops) but I was just having a nice time getting to know them.

I look forward to seeing much more of these guys around Denver in the future! Thanks for taking the time to hang out.

Photo by London Krapff. Header image by Melanie Fenwick.

Interview with Whitacre

Tell me about Whitacre, the band.

Well, I am a singer-songwriter originally from Indiana and I moved here two years ago by myself. Mark actually contacted me on Instagram and said maybe we should get together and play some. Then the others joined in and the band really took a snowball effect in becoming what it is now.

What does the band sound like?

The easiest way to say it is probably “indie folk” but was some strong rock vibes. Rock with banjo? We hear ourselves compared to lots of different bands and none of those bands sound like each other so I think that’s a really good thing. The songs are all about storytelling but when we play live it’s definitely a full rock band performance.

How do you write the songs?

Well, at first, we had a lot of recycled music from me when I was on my own. Now when we sit down to write a new song, I come from things with more of a four chord pop influence – that is a definitely guilty pleasure of mine – and the guys have such a strong musical backgrounds in other areas – they really bring…

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