Are you looking for a glitter-strewn earworm to infect your very soul? Kick back and enjoy the kaleidoscopic tones of Rochester, NY artist Mikaela Davis, who’s been slowly working towards a successful career by way of bucket loads of talent and collaborations galore.

Davis has plenty of experience to back up claims of greatness; she began performing way back in 2011 on the harp but has since incorporated the piano and guitar into her music. Her multi-instrumentalism is combined with a bitter-sweet, clear vocal that was put to the test when she covered Elliott Smith in 2012.

The singer-songwriter recently expanded her repertoire by working with John Congleton (St Vincent, Alvvays, Future Islands) on new album Delivery, released through New Rounder Records on 13th July 2018. Having also learned some of the tricks of the trade from Bon Iver when she toured with Vernon and gang in 2017, we’re fortunate not to be too late to witness the blossoming star in person.

Mikaela is set to return to the UK this autumn with her own series of shows for which she’s developed a strong sound, combining psych-influenced rock and pop with audible theatrics. Falling in line with fellow DW love Mary Epworth, there’s also a new sprig of country music to her step a la Caitlin Rose, which will no doubt make her more palatable to international fans.

Interested? We certainly are! Find out more about Mikaela Davis and watch the video for eponymous track “Delivery” below.

This Article was written by Tiffany Daniels

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