Jacob Moore

One of my favorite things was being able to work with Jinx, because he’s just down to try stuff. He had been doing Complex News for so long and he was so good at it. He could have easily just been, “No, this is how it works, this is what I do.” But he would get excited about new ideas, too. We’d be like, “Oh shit, what if you had an evil alter-ego and you’re wearing a cloak?” And we didn’t have a cloak, so we took a curtain, and he’s like, “Fuck it, I’ll throw on a curtain.” It just kinda worked out. It was just really creative, and everybody felt like they could add their piece.

Graham Corrigan

The first P&P Update was written, shot, edited, and published that day. It was a green screen news piece about the breakout artists of 2017. The sound mix was questionable, our media was ripped from wherever we could find it, and Jinx was purplish. But we got better. Soon we were trying out scripted content, premiering songs, landing interviews, and occasionally breaking news. The fact we published a video every day for a year seems foolishly ambitious in retrospect, but we had a great team: Angel, Xavier, Kajal, Kenya, Jon A, Aneisha, Chuck, Raz, Justin, and of course Jinx quickly became part of the P&P family.

Kajal Patel (Video Director/Producer)

It was like P&P had adopted me. It’s super difficult being a woman of color in this industry, so when I first got in the room, I was like, “Okay, a bunch of white guys and little old me.” You hear all these horror stories, and I’ve experienced some of them myself before. You can really be undermined in this field. So at first, I won’t even lie, I was nervous. At first I was even afraid to speak up, but they literally took me in. They taught me everything that I had to learn. Them giving me that platform to be able to express myself was really dope. That was a blessing because you don’t always get the chance to speak up…

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