Along with humidifiers, tuners, and winders, a capo is a guitar accessory that works wonders in creating music, but what does a capo do? As a guitarist, full understanding in using this device is necessary for complementing your skill.

What Is a Capo?

The word “capo” is an Italian word that means “head.” It is a small tool that clamps onto the guitar neck and effectively shortens the length of the guitar strings to raise the pitch. Guitarists clip the capo across the strings of a guitar or other stringed instrument for that matter, at a certain fret.

So, how much higher will the effect be?

Typically, it would be a half of a step for every fret. For instance, placing the capo at the third fret, all the open strings will become Gs, which is at least three half steps greater than the E pitch. Accordingly, all other strings will have higher pitches.

Take note that you cannot play anything below the capo. You can only use the strings above it.

Advantages of Using a Capo

The primary advantage of capo is that it lets you play a song in whole new keys while still using the first-position chord forms in open-string. This mechanism will ultimately create more vibration and fuller reverberating tone as compared to other bar chords.

You don’t need to be an expert to incorporate the capo in playing the guitar. It’s a great alternative when you want to shift the pitch of the guitar chords that you play. The best thing is you use the same open chord position which you have learned.

Aside from creating various tonal options, a capo also makes it easier for you to play guitar chords. It reduces the strains on your fingers because you won’t be needing that much pressure while playing and holding the guitar neck. Since the frets are now closer to the sound hole, your fingers will have a lesser distance to travel.

How to Use a Capo

In using a capo, you need to determine first as to what point you want to clamp on the guitar fretboard. Once you have identified it, open the…

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