Working Class Heroes – Tommy Overington from The Rising Interviewed

The Rising release their second album on Nov 9th 2018. It’s taken  four years and cost a lot of money. Detour Records handle the distribution but the band self-financed using one of the country’s best studios, Rockfield and a top engineer. The band all have day-jobs and families so it’s a huge & risky commitment. Starting out as a good-time Sixties-inspired party band and dismissed as Oasis-copyist by rivals, they were spotted and rated by Alan McGee early on, have gigged hard and have grown in popularity as well as musically. A staple at festivals down South and their debut becoming Detours biggest seller- amongst its ‘new bands’, the Rising are ready to go up a level. They’re ready to fly… The album is great collection of uplifting modern psychedelic pop (review to follow soon)

The Rising want to promote the new album. Ged Babey wants to talk ‘Working Class Heroes’ …

‘Talking About the New Album’ Interviews get boring and samey so instead Tommy, I want to talk about Working Class Heroes. I think I know who yours are, four of them anyway:

OK, go on then, but I’ve got to be honest, I don’t really care what social class they belong to. If I like ‘em – I like ‘em.

Fair enough, but it was after that online scrap the other day that I got one of his songs stuck in my head; – Working Class Hero – so first up: – John Lennon

Yeah, Lennon’s a hero of mine.

The Gallaghers and Oasis?

Well, soundtrack of my youth…

John Lydon?

One of the most fascinating people ever.

And lastly, Jeremy Corbyn.

Ah Corbyn! Knew he would come up! I’m a big fan.

Alright, we’ll take them each in turn. You know I’m not a Beatles fan. I can’t deny Lennon wrote a few good songs but he wasn’t really a great singer was he?

His voice just resonates with me. There may well have been better technical singers than him that threw their voices all over the place and that…

This Article was written by Ged Babey

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